Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec

The SAAQ and Accident Victims

Under Quebec’s public automobile insurance plan, all Quebec residents who are victims of a road accident who sustain bodily injury in an accident, wherever it occurs, are entitled to compensation regardless of who is at fault.

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Even though the Quebec public automobile insurance plan is supposed to ensure fair compensation for all Quebecers who become accident victims, claims made to the SAAQ, can and have been denied. Les Consultants Dynamique team knows the importance of filing, in a timely manner, the necessary documentation required to file a claim, and all the pertinent information which may be required when filing a claim.

We can assist you in obtaining and filing the proper documentation and help you to ensure that all time limitations are respected. We can also help you file a review if you have received a negative response from the SAAQ and are within the allowable time limit to file a review. Additionally we can assist you in obtaining a medical consultation or an expert's report (expertise/counter-expertise) from qualified medical professionals, if necessary.

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Some Important Steps if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Call the police to the site of the accident or carefully fill in a joint report (Constat à l’amiable)

  • See a physician as soon as possible and have all symptoms relating to your motor vehicle accident listed in your medical report.
  • Submit a claim to the SAAQ as soon a possible;
  • Continue to have regular medical follow-ups to document any resulting problems
  • Notify your private insurer if the accident caused material damage
  • Keep a copy of all documentation transmitted and of all your medical results.